About Me

DSC_0068 C WEB 2aOur homes and offices can be our sanctuaries.  The places we go to find comfort and inspiration.  Spaces we feel proud to share with others.

Organization comes naturally to me.  When I walk into a room, I rearrange it in my mind, and my impulse is to tackle any obstacles.  I am a visual person with a strong eye for space and balance, and find it gratifying to create order in a room.

My strong organization, time management and design skills, along with 20 years of successful experience in strategic planning, consultative business development and customer relationship management, have laid a firm foundation for Milwaukee Home Organizer, LLC.

Over the years, I developed and maintained the trust, satisfaction and loyalty of the many clients I served, in large part, because of my consistent commitment and dedication to them.

Professional organizing allows me to do something that I love, something that is instinctive for me, while making a significant difference in people’s lives.  I truly understand that it can be overwhelming to get started.  I will provide the inspiration for you.




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Code of Ethics I Stand By:

Working Relationships

  • I will serve my clients with integrity, competence and respect.
  • I will listen to the needs of my clients, understand their priorities and tailor my services to each client’s unique situation.
  • I will offer services in areas I am qualified, and will accurately represent those qualifications in verbal and written communication.
  • When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, I will make every effort to recommend other qualified professionals.


  • I will keep confidential all client information, both personal and business.
  • I will use proprietary client information only with my client’s permission.


  • I will communicate my fees in advance, and will charge fees and expenses which are reasonable, legitimate and commensurate with my experience, the services I deliver, and the responsibility I accept.
  • I will make recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interests in mind.