Here's what some people had to say...

“Thank you again for everything!  My closet is my new happy place.”

Renee Reynolds (Delafield, WI)

“Carrie is AMAZING!  I cannot praise her enough.  She is THE BEST.  Period.  She does not waste any time and works nonstop, quickly, to help organize your space.  I just do not know what I would have done had I not found her.”

Iris Binor (Mequon, WI)

“Carrie did an excellent job on my house move in and office organization, decluttering, Christmas decorating and closet organization after a cross-country move.  I highly recommend her.”

A. Finley (Milwaukee, WI)

“My closet is so organized, I feel like I’m in another house.  Thanks for everything!  I feel cleansed.  You sure have a gift, Carrie.”

Kathie Poblocki (Elm Grove, WI)

“Carrie significantly improved the quality and functionality of my space.  She handled each problem with grace and positivity and never stopped including me in the process.  I felt at ease the entire time working with Carrie, even though we were doing a task that I’d dreaded for a long time.  Carrie worked really hard, and her confidence inspired me to do the same.  The experience exceeded my expectations significantly and provided me with a sense of control I had not felt prior to Carrie’s visit.

The results were incredible.  I now come home from work and feel at peace.  I never expected my house to look as good as it does.  The best part is that Carrie left me with advice that truly made me a more competent organizer.  I was able to organize my workspace with confidence and ease.  It felt amazing.

I find it so much easier to unwind at the end of the day since my home is now my sanctuary.  Carrie is friendly, intuitive and truly an expert organizer.”

Melody Russ (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie helped us stage our house for sale with charm and sensitivity to our emotional needs as we faced parting with sentimental attachments we had for many years.

All went very well.  Many of our own ideas were incorporated into the staging plan, as were our own items of furniture.  Carrie is enthusiastic and was very complimentary about our art and furnishings.  The time zipped by, and within four visits, we managed to cull 36 years of accumulation into a manageable amount we could store in our own house.  NO NEED TO RENT A STORAGE FACILITY!”

David & Fran Luck (Shorewood, WI)

“Carrie did a great job for a client.  The only regret from them was they wished they had called on her a long time ago.”

Desty Lorino, Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie helped me reorganize the chaos after my move from a duplex to an apartment.  She could immediately see where balance was needed.  It went great; she was great!

I am so glad I had her come in.  My nervous system really felt a shift in the decluttering balance she brought to the space.  It seemed obvious when she pointed things out, yet in the midst of the chaos there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  I was overloaded to the point of shutdown with decision making.  Carrie took charge and helped me.

I was redefining myself, and her clarity helped me to do just that with ease and grace.  She looked at the whole space, the kind of light I have, the layout of the rooms, ideas with paint.  I just loved her ideas.

Thank you, Carrie, for your brilliant eye that helped me through this challenging time.”

Jeanne Vielleux (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie was fantastic!  She came over to look at the project, and gave me an idea of what it would cost.  She scheduled a day the following week to complete the project, arrived right on time, and began working immediately.  She did a fantastic job I never could have done myself.

Not only was Carrie pleasant and nice to work with, the outcome was beyond my expectations.  I would definitely hire her again, and highly recommend her.  Her work is impeccable!”

Debbie Squire (Greenfield, WI)

“Carrie organized my new kitchen.  I recently moved in, and was completely overwhelmed by everything that needed to be unpacked and fit into a very small space with limited storage.

Carrie did an amazing job.  She was on time, super friendly, consulted with me to understand my needs, and then spent her own time at the end of our appointment walking me through my beautifully organized and clean kitchen.  I am thrilled with the results, and have enjoyed living in my neat, tidy and organized space so much!”

Megan Paul (Brookfield, WI)

“Carrie did a fabulous job unpacking and organizing the kitchen and dining room in my new home.  She also helped me rearrange my living room furniture, providing great suggestions on how to make the space more functional and attractive.   I am thrilled with everything she did!

Carrie arrived on time and got right to work, unpacking all of the boxes first so she could see what she would be working with.  My cabinets and drawers are perfectly arranged, and my china cabinet, counters, tables and shelves have decor attractively displayed.  She even gave me suggestions for organized storage in my basement for kitchen items I only occasionally use.

Carrie’s expertise and manner made a stressful time fun, productive and enlightening.  She is definitely coming back!”

Sheri LeCount (Horicon, WI)

“Thank you so much for your assistance.  You helped make the process with my paperwork much easier.

With the way you set things up, I now look forward to keeping my papers in order.  I could not have said that two weeks ago.”

Pamela Anderson (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie came to our home and reorganized my entire newly remodeled kitchen.  I have twice the amount of cabinet space, but everything was cluttered and just stuffed in.  I was feeling the remodel did not give me any extra space until Carrie organized everything.

She is so detailed in what she does, I now feel very organized.  I have so much more room and everything has a place.  It is so much easier to cook and clean up when you know exactly where everything is and you have room to put it back.

We were so impressed with what Carrie did that we had her come back a week later to help get our garage ready for my son’s graduation party.  Once again, she did an amazing job.  She got right to work and worked non stop until the project was done.

Carrie is very easy to talk to and understood how hard and emotional it was for me to get things organized.  She talked me through everything and took charge.

I can’t even explain how good it feels to come home.  I can’t wait to have her come back for our next project.”

Jennie Gosh (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie completely organized my new apartment.  She created an amazing system utilizing my space efficiently.  She was quick and energetic and really took my vision into account.

It was fantastic!  Her cool-mannered approach was a joy to work with.  Highly recommend and give her my loudest applause to a job well done.  Look forward to working with her again.”

William Castedo (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie met with me to set up the details and help me understand how to make the spaces function best.  We then scheduled an afternoon to get to work.  She was able to take a messy, unorganized home office and create a beautiful, functional space for us!

It took four hours of focus and hard work.  Carrie never stopped, and just kept moving the entire time.  In the end, I had a beautiful home office.  The best part is that it still looks as good as it did when she left.  Her ideas of how to function on a daily basis are priceless.

She also sorted and worked out a functioning mud room/laundry room.  We can finally walk in our back door and move.  Everything has a place, and there are even a few empty shelves.  I am so thankful that she came.  I could never have done this project without her help.”

Kim Miller (Brookfield, WI)

“Carrie worked with me to organize dozens of paintings my Dad did many years ago that are really quite cool.  I would have sold them because I thought there was no space on the walls.  Her keen eye made them visually pop, and now I can keep them and the memories.  Carrie came in and quickly understood what to do.  She is a lovely and trustworthy professional.”

Diane Tenenbaum (Thiensville, WI)

“I simply couldn’t get organized.  I called Carrie after seeing her ad on the web.  That was a true blessing.  Within two meetings of a combined 8 hours, my home was organized and livable.  Carrie really works hard, and is so easy to work with.  It was a great experience for me.

I have an artist’s studio, and that has been set up.  Actually, I achieved more with Carrie’s help than I ever thought could be done.  I love what Carrie did with my things.  I love the way she helped me display items and problem solve in general.  It went very well.

I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I would encourage anyone I know to use her service.  The results exceeded my expectations.”

Cathy Steffke (Greenfield, WI)

“Carrie was wonderful, and I will definitely hire her in the future!  I have been able to keep my space the way she showed me, and I’ve never been happier.  I knew I was a bit unorganized, but never knew what it was like to actually start over.  We went through my clothes and bathroom stuff, etc., before we moved to a new home, and now I’m all set.  My husband appreciates it too!  Awesome experience!”

Marcia Andis (Shorewood, WI)

“Carrie quickly responded to my email and was extremely nice and accommodating.  She is very efficient and clearly has a passion for her work.  I would hire her again if the opportunity arose, and will recommend her to others.”

Stacy Mielke, Shorewest Realtors (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie was extremely helpful to us as we prepared to move and place our house on the  market.  She was entirely professional, had great ideas for how to approach large projects, and helped us follow them through to completion.  We got the work done in less than half of the time it would have taken us without Carrie’s help.  I plan to ask Carrie to help us in our new home, so we can start off there in an organized fashion.”

Amy Rogan-Mehta (Bay View, WI)

“Carrie has helped me organize three walk-in closets, a children’s playroom and my home office.   I am very happy with the results!  She worked efficiently and with great detail and patience to rearrange these rooms, with all projects completed in the allotted time and budget.  I have found Carrie very easy and pleasant to work with, and have been recommending her home organizing services to my family, friends and colleagues!”

Tracy Buss (Franklin, WI)

“Carrie is exceptionally motivated.  She gets into the projects she undertakes with both feet in.  She is not afraid of a challenge and is proactive, energetic, precise and skilled.”

Jim Lautenbach (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie works extremely hard with passion and enthusiasm for her work and her clients.  Her organizational skills, drive and resourcefulness all contribute to her success.”

Gus Pipenhagen (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie enjoys a challenge, is goal-oriented and a hard worker.  If I have the opportunity to hire her again, I would not hesitate.  Would be an asset to anyone.”

Mark Kupets (Milwaukee, WI)

“Carrie is an exceptional, motivated self-starter.  She worked hard and smart and delivered!  She was a pleasure to work with, and I am confident she will always be successful.”

Dave Medina (Milwaukee, WI)